Video: How Many Factors Are There in a Search Engine Algorithm?

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After Google and Bing traded blows on the number of factors their respective algorithms were compiled of there was considerable confusion in the SEO industry at how many factors their algorithms really had.

Tit for Tat

Google originally said that their algorithm had around 200 main factors.

In response Bing probably looking to get one up on their competition decided to announce that they had a couple of thousand factors in their algorithm.

The confusion levels increased as Google explained that they calculated their 200 factors based on the fact that each factor had 50 sub factors and as a result the number of factors, parameters, elements or whatever you are meant to call them is somewhere around 10,000.

Bing not wanting to be out shone also explained that it all depended what you counted as a factor and an element.

Both search engines came out of the war of words looking more than a little sinister and back handed but the common SEO came out hungry for reliable information.

My personal hunger for this information and finding the truth behind the search engine algorithms has given rise to TheOpenAlgorithm project, which will hopefully result in a more transparent, open search industry and help a lot of webmasters. As well as being a lot of fun for myself, of course.

So, how many factors are there, really?

After all of that, the webmasters of the world were still left wondering what that reliable information and number would be.

I can only speculate and the algorithms are always changing, introducing new factors. But my personal opinion would be that both Google and Bing use around 10,000 factors in their algorithm.

I suspect Google being a more developed and older search engine that the number of factors in their algorithm would be somewhat higher than Bing’s but again that’s only speculation.

I’m using 10,000 as the goal for my project as I try to uncover as many factors as possible.


Unless your running projects, research or are looking for a number to use in an article you are writing you shouldn’t be worrying about the number of factors in the search engine algorithms.

The actual number doesn’t impact you and focussing on it will only distract you from the goal, creating a great site for users.

I’m not┬ánaive and we all know SEO is crucial to your site’s success, but don’t over focus on it, stay tuned here via Twitter, Facebook or RSS and you will have all the necessary information for creating a search engine and user friendly website.

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