Video: How to Get Interviews with Industry Leaders and Use Them on your Site

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I first came across interviewing people as a strategy to build traffic and content from David Tiefenthaler of, when I read a post he did for the 2CreateaWebsite blog.

David had quadrupled his traffic, so I decided to give interviewing a go.

Other than guest blogging, interviewing experts would have to be the strategy that I have used the most over all my sites and sites that I help manage.

My first forray into interviews was with my former website, where I had an interviews section (hopefully the new owner will keep that section and link alive, if not let me know in the comments section).

My second was with my eBook Link Building Mastery where I interviewed 15 incredible people including some major names like Glen Allsopp, Marko Saric, Yaro Starak, Andrew Warner, Tamar Weinburg and even David (the same David who lead me to take an interest in interviewing people).

And since I have used interviews on pretty much every site I have helped, owned or consulted on.

I have learnt a lot about interviewing people, how to get interviews with industry leaders, A-list bloggers and very busy people.

I have conducted over 45 interviews (edit: now over 70) and plan to do a lot more (including some for TheOpenAlgorithm).

In this video I discuss how to get interviews with experts, how to publish them and get the most from them from a traffic point of view.

The Process

The basic process behind securing and publishing an interview is:

Identify a target – Email them asking for an interview – Conduct the interview – Publish – Share via email and social media – Make sure the interviewee shares with their social media followers – Rinse & Repeat.

There’s a lot more to it and conducting interviews is an art in itself. There are a lot of advanced strategies and things you can do to get the most out of your interviews but that’s the basic process.

I take that basic process into a little more depth in the video so I recommend you watch it. I’m still skimming the surface but the best way to learn is to go out and do it for yourself, so after you have watched the video go and try it out.

Try interviewing somebody small first (a friend/colleague first and build yourself up to the big ones and get used to the process).

If you have any questions or would like some more in-depth information on the process make sure to leave a comment below.


Interviews are a great way to build connections, traffic and high quality content. The process behind interviews is  very important to get right and takes you 4 or 5 interviews before you feel comfortable interviewing an industry leader.

You can conduct your interviews over the phone, via Skype, chat (Gmail, MSN, Skype chat) or by email it doesn’t really matter. The crucial thing is to record the interview if its audio or video and provide a transcription below the audio file or video.

The most important thing about interviewing people, is to interview people so don’t worry too much about the theory just go and do it.

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