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  1. Conor Hughes

    Sorry clicked wrong button on last comment. What other factors do you need to consider when ranking for local SEO? You mentioned a lot of your clients are .ie domains. Does google have different criteria for ranking local websites on local search engines?

    Thanks for the great content!

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Conor

      In part yes, many of the factors remain the same but localised sites do far better in their geographic area than non-localised sites.

      Google likely use many factors to determine how “local” the content is and I suspect they also look at categories that benefit a lot from local results e.g. services businesses are obviously very localised vs a content site on how to blog.

      Some of the things you can do to aid local SEO is to have a Google Local listing, geo-target your site in Google Webmaster Tools, have a .ie domain name (for Ireland), publish your address and contact details in the country you are providing and have your site hosted on an Irish based server.

      They may also look at things like what currency you are using and if your content is targeted at specific geo-graphic areas e.g. use of “Ireland” or “Irish”.

      Most of these are things you can do relatively easily and just once and will benefit your ranking in Ireland for a significant period of time.

      Hope that helps,



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