Here at TheOpenAlgorithm the ultimate goal is to make it easier for white hat SEOs to do their job and high quality websites to get the rankings they deserve. We as an SEO community all hate seeing websites ranking well by using black hat SEO techniques, but unfortunately we all see them every day and they are ruining the SEO industry and taking jobs from real SEOs.

There are multiple ways to go about making SEO a fairer game, of course one of them is to release information about new or possible factors which give white hatters the chance to change the sites they manage to the benefit of the user and the search engine. But of course there is more than one way to skin a cat.

And part of empowering the white hatters is to dis-empower and exposure the black hatters. There have been multiple cases of exposing black hat SEOs that worked extremely well for example, J.C. Penny and their link scheme or the ever dubious content farms.

“The best way to dis-empower black hat SEOs is to expose them.”

Unfortunately Google’s spam reporting tool is rarely acted on.

Publishing on your own blog may not be noticed and it may simply not be the right place to do it (what if you ran a travel blog?).

You might try and contact a print media organisation, but they will ignore you unless you are talking about a big company with a global or at least national brand name.

And what about contacting the little guys, or the big guys in the SEO industry like SearchEngineLand or SEOMoz, well they simply might not want to get into the business of revealing SEO secrets because some people believe we shouldn’t “out” anyone in the search engine industry.

But here at TheOpenAlgorithm we believe that if you take that outlook on the industry we are only setting ourselves up for a massive fall. A constant cleansing of the industry is much better than a massive bust that could happen if online companies simply stop believing in “real SEO”.

We are looking for people who spot these black hat SEO techniques (and we all do) to report them.

We are looking for SEO whistle-blowers.

You can report a full case you have found or just a URL, you can choose to have your name removed from any of our posts or you can ask for credit for the find via links, you can use a fake name, the information and the power is in your hands.

So please report any instances of black hat SEO directly and help save the face of an industry.

No matter how small, no matter how menial, we want to hear from you.

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