SEO Analysis: Buying a Website vs Starting a New One

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I know that I have asked myself whether I should buy a website or start a new one, each time I have an idea or start a new project.

For the most part because I’m trying to be different and gain traction by creating new information, for me I will most likely always choose to start a new website (but that could change down the road).

But the question is interesting and hasn’t really been analysed from an SEO point of view.

So what are the SEO advantages and disadvantages to buying a website versus starting a new one?


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It would seem like buying a website is the best option from an SEO point of view.

To an extent that is true, if you can make sure that the site you are buying hasn’t done anything black hat or any sneaky SEO tricks and it is in a niche that you will love writing content for. Then buying a website makes a lot of sense from purely a search engine optimization point of view.

Other factors

While buying a website is the preferred option for SEO you also have to consider whether you have the cash required to buy a website and whether you are the type of person who could run a website that they had not created.

Personally I like to have control and also to have been the originator of the idea and then be able to mold that idea around my skills and interests. So I wouldn’t be the best person to go buying a website because my personality wouldn’t suit it.

You have to ask yourself whether you need to be the originator and whether you need to been in full control or whether you can slot into somebody else’s idea.

If you do have the cash and personality to buy a website then there is only one more step to ensure your acquisition is a success.

SEO track record

Unfortunately some unsavoury SEOs use black hat (sneaky) strategies to try and advance their website’s ranking in the short term. Sometimes this works in the short term but it will never work in the long term. Buying a site that uses these techniques is a disaster waiting to happen.

There are a number of free and paid tools available to you to do a background check on the site.

Make sure you (or an expert) checks whether the site breaks any of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Here are some handy tools to help you out:



If you have the cash, the personality and you find a site that suits your skills and interests and that site hasn’t infringed on the Google Webmaster Guidelines then grab your opportunity now.