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Want to help us out?TheOpenAlgorithm Project got the open part of its name from open source, the theory behind some of the great web services and websites we use today, including Wikipedia and Mozilla Firefox.

And we really try to live up to that name, we are always looking for contributors be they:

Guest bloggers: I personally love guest bloggers, they really take some of the work out of blogging. But if you want to guest post on then you will have to follow our rules:

  • All guest posts must be at least 650 words long, unless you have a specific reason (and it better be a good one) to have it less than that.
  • All guest posts must be related to search engines, we are looking for analytical, statistically, new view posts. We don’t want a post reporting search engine news but a post analyzing that news either scientifically or logically and drawing some sort of new or interesting conclusion.
  • You don’t have to do a test to draw a conclusion, and if you come up with a conclusion or a piece of advice without science that’s also great.
  • Where possible mix in examples and your personal story with your post we don’t want bland generic content, do we?
  • If your post qualifies for these rules then submit it to our contact form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible to let you know whether it has been accepted.

Got a factor worth testing: If you believe you have stumbled upon a new or possible factor that you believe is worth testing then let us know for heaven’s sake!

You will be given full credit for the discovery and some link juice too!

Critics (statisticians and science guys): If you have found a flaw with the testing method, formula or anything else about the project I would also invite you to shout at me via email or if your happy feel free to us any one of the comment sections, either on this page or the about page and I’ll hopefully get to your concerns as quick as possible.

Get involved: We love people who want to get down and dirty and do some work for the project. We are always looking for proof readers, coders, programmers, developers, number crunchers and geniuses or any help we can get to better the project.

If you want to join the “revolution” feel free to contact us, make sure to include your details, experience (none necessary), links to past work and any other relevant details.

Media: Want to feature us in your online or offline publication or want an interview with Mark check this out.

Funding, sponsors and contacts: At the time of writing this we have accepted no funding or any type of advertising on the blog, that may change in time. If you have or are a major contact in a search engine or a related field (statistician, scientist, blogger, etc) that you feel could help us out then the same goes for you as everyone else, contact us.

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